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The House of Hollow #book review


For the first time in years I read a book all night instead of sleeping because my need to know what happened was greater than my need for a goodnight’s sleep. It wasn’t a good idea but oh well. Things we’ve done for our love of the printed page. This is such an amazing book, I think some of the more overhyped authors I have been disappointed by earlier should take note- this is how you write a completely terrifying and utterly beautiful dark fairy tale horror from the bowels from the earth and the collective Nightmares of the human psyche. And for the record I’ve always found High Fashion super creepy and I’m so happy someone wrote a book about that lol Anyone else pull all- nighters for a really good book?

I want a sequel because i NEED to know they saved Tyler, poor kid got caught up in someone else’s family drama #houseofhollow #krystalsutherland


Gory Good


This book is brutal. And violent and gory. Ordinarily it’s not my cup of tea. I prefer terror over horror. Brutality and gore only bores me as lazy writing, the easy way out to create fear , rather than invest in the plot… but this book does violence and gory just right. The depressing disgust and stifling atmosphere slowly degenerates into an otherworldly violence and warping of the very soul in such a balanced manner with the creepy terror that looms large over the two sisters who go on a quest to search for the mythical River Man on directions of an incarcerated serial killer, is, along with the heartbreaking drama in the backstory of Lori and Abby, is what makes this unusual novel so balanced and enjoyable. What struck me the most, however, is the ease with which the author pushes the sympathy of the readers for the protagonist from somewhat neutral to downright disgust if not utter condemnation. If there was ever an example of a round character developed backwards in time, this is it. I’m truly amazed by the fact that I liked this book so much even if it’s far from my kind of read. Also, this would not work as a movie on the same exquisitely balanced level even if it works as a book. Nope. #gonetoseetheriverman #kristophertriana

One of those books I’ll make random strangers from the internet read because it’s just THAT good

💥💥💥💥💥 5/5. This book is brilliant.

Absolutely brilliant. And that is an understatement. It’s scary, atmospheric, howlingly funny, humane, and so oddly touching … and it’s still absolutely horrifying.. When I read reviews of it before getting myself a copy, I just found a bunch of people calling it ‘too weird’ and I found myself doubtful, frankly. Well, NOTHING can be further from truth. It’s one of the best adaptation of Algernon Blackwood ‘s memorable story ‘The Willows’ , that I have ever read. It’s one of those books I’ll read twice and make my friends and family and people from work and random strangers from Internet and my cat read. #thehollowplaces #tkingfisher

Books I Buy

I buy books I have read before- maybe on kindle, maybe borrowed from a friend, maybe through a local library…some of the books here I have read and loved, and thus I need to possess. Is it strange that unless I actually own the hard copy of a book, I don’t actually feel like my reading relationship with the book is complete? The weight, the smell, the heft of the book matters to me. For example, I didn’t know how smooth and leathery the cover of The Hollow Places felt when I read the ebook and I was so pleased with how lovely the slightly raised letters on the cover looked. I do love, read and own ebooks, but if I really enjoyed them I usually will also try to get a hard copy too.

A House at the Bottom of a Lake

3/5 stars.

Which is a shame because I would have given it 5/5 if not for the out of tune ending. Thing is, I loved the story, I loved it so much- the coolness of the lake, the soft quiet , the mysterious ways in which human beings grow up and connect to each other, the magic of summer when you’re 17 and the world is still so new and wonderful and maybe slightly magical…. and the thing is, it would have been totally perfect if the book ended with the disappearance of the magical house and them drifting apart. That made sense. No why or how. It just felt right- things don’t last forever when you’re 17 and it’s a gorgeous summer. However, and this is where I got ticked, the house ‘ coming back’ was NOT NEEDED. Coleridge had talked about ‘ willing suspension of disbelief’, and that was what made the story work- half creepy half romantic half magical, no explanation needed. It didn’t need that unexplained brief sudden abrupt conclusion. Shame. Its such a great book. Leave the mystery without forcing a conclusion. Things end. That’s why they are beautiful.

The Blast from the Past

Anthology of vintage horror comic stories from the Pre-Code 1950s..I have been an admirer of these creepy, over the top, face melting, spine tingling, loudly coloured tales I was forbidden from as a child. So glad my local British Council Library stocks up on these oldies! # rainydayread

My first King was Nightmares and Dreamscapes , picked up from a second hand book store when I was in University and often broke. And I haven’t stopped trying to go through his entire oeuvre since back then. It’s a difficult job since he is such a prolific writer.. but I’m almost there.

These are old and thumbed down and well read inexpensive paperbacks bought so long ago from second hand book stores, but still very well loved. #stephenking

Has anyone started on Lisey’s Story TV adaptation?

What a beautiful way to wake up in a Sunday! My books finally arrived ! ( I don’t always read ONLY horror fiction, as you’ll see here in Kavita Kane’s mythological fiction) ‘The Book of Indian Ghosts’ by Riksundar Banerjee is such a lovely little book! ❤